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Originally formed at the 1990 Gay Games III in Vancouver, B.C., Canada - the first time martial arts were ever held at the Gay Games - the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists (IAGLMA, formerly known as HiMA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to outreach, inclusion and education for the gay, lesbian and supportive martial arts communities through the martial arts and self defense on local, national and international levels.

IAGLMA welcomes martial artists and all interested parties from around the world. Our membership currently includes:

martial artists from Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and West Africa;
practitioners of all styles - competitive and non-competitive (such as many styles of Aikido), mat and floor practitioners;
martial artists of all abilities - including those with special needs;
martial artists of all ages, ranks and levels of martial arts and self defense experience;
schools and organizations committed to our goals and mission.
IAGLMA is committed to the ideal of multi-style educational martial arts and self defense seminars and multi-style tournaments. Our goals are to:

provide a safe and inclusive environment for all lesbian, gay and supportive martial artists;
ensure gender parity for women in all levels of the martial arts;
ensure the inclusion of martial artists with special needs;
provide multi-style seminars, tournaments and learning opportunities within the international martial artists community -- all styles, ranks, ages and abilities;
continue our international outreach to include diversity of styles among our members and directors and to educate through the martial arts and self defense;
work in partnership with traditional, local, national and international martial arts organizations to promote our ideals of inclusion, safety, respect, participation and attainment of personal best;
work within and teach our lesbian and gay community worldwide to educate, empower and protect ourselves through local, national and international self defense seminars offered to the general public.

IAGLMA Board of Directors

Co-President: Teresa Galetti (Events, Rules Committee)
Co-President: Darl Schaaff (FGG delegate)
Director: Kathleen Webster
Director: John Heine (Newsletters)
Director: Sandy Mackay (Secretary, Membership, Website)
Director: Addie Santiago (Treasurer, FGG delegate)

Members of the Board of Directors are directly involved in all aspects of management, planning and outreach on behalf of the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists (IAGLMA). Since our formation in 1990, IAGLMA has been instrumental in the education, support and development of opportunities for Gay and Lesbian martial artists and our supporters through the martial arts and self defense. Our members have updated international multi-style semi-contact competition rules to ensure inclusion, gender parity, safety and the attainment of one's personal best and we have created awareness and heightened interest in the martial arts for Lesbian and Gay martial artists worldwide.

We welcome martial artists of all styles, abilities and ages from around the world. Our goals are to include the largest geographic and martial arts style representation, as well as gender parity, among our board members. Membership on this Board of Directors requires a commitment of energy and expertise so that - together - we may continue our commitment to education and outreach to all martial artists everywhere.

For a Board of Directors Information Packet, please contact:

Teresa Galetti
email: PeoBumJong@aol.com
telephone/fax: 610.940.1434


Darl Schaaff
email: darus@ak.net
telephone: 907.561.2115
fax: 907.563.7428

Learning/Preparation Tournament Workshops and Judges Certification Clinics

IAGLMA sponsors clinics so that all competitors can have the opportunity to practice under the IAGLMA Rules - and so that all black belts interested in judging can gain experience in a tournament setting and fulfill the requirements necessary to become an IAGLMA-certified referee. IAGLMA certification is required for black belts to judge in all IAGLMA events including the Gay Games.

If you would like to host an IAGLMA Learning/Preparation Tournament Workshop and Judges Certification Clinic, please contact Teresa Galetti for more information.

The Federation of Gay Games

IAGLMA served as a voting director of the Federation of Gay Games from 1994 to 2006.. IAGLMA now continues to serve actively as a full member of the Federation.

IAGLMA members Kathleen Webster served as Federation Copresident and is an Honorary Life Member, Teresa Galetti serves on the board as Cochair of Governance Committee, Darl Schaaff serves on the board as Cochair of the Site Selection Committee.

Wherever Gay Games is, IAGLMA will be there and the IAGLMA Rules will govern the martial arts events. Visit The Federation of Gay Games web site!

Federation of Gay Games


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