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Pink Power Cologne 2008

In cooperation with the IAGLMA and Bushido Munich, PINK- POWER 2008 Cologne was been organized by Horangi Taekwondo from Cologne, Gernany. It was a great event with 70 international martial artists, offering the opportunity to meet known and unknown people, as well as to become acquainted with new styles. Workshops in Karate, Taekwondo, Self defense, Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Vo Vinam Vie Vo Dao were offered.

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Chicago Gay Games VII

Chicago, IL, USA - 2006
Video of Women's Musical Forms
Other videos of competitors are linked on the News page

Watch on Youtube

Chicago Gay Games VII results

Full competition results

Gay Games III

Vancouver, BC, Canada - 1990

Gay Games IV

New York, NY, USA - 1994

IAGLMA International Martial Arts and Self Defence Seminars

San Francisco, CA, USA - 1995

Eurogames IV

Berlin, Germany - 1996
Hosted by Gaysha Berlin

Gaysha Berlin

Get Ready For Gay Games V International MArtial Arts and Self Defence Seminars

Philadelphia, PA, USA 1997

Gay Games V

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1998

IAGLMA Multi-Style Martial Arts and Self Defence Seminars

San Francisco, CA, USA - 1999

IAGLMA/Sydney Working Group Multi-Style Tournament and Seminars

Sydney, Australia - 2000

Gay Games VI

Sydney, Australia - 2002

Booklet: Sometimes You Just Have to Kiai! by Anthony Mohamed.
The martial arts as a healthy response to discrimination. Participants at the 2002 Gay Games share their experiences.

Read the booklet

Pink Power Munich 2003

Munich, Germany - 2003
Hosted by Bushido Munchen

Bushido Munchen

Paris International Tournament - Martial Arts Seminars

Federation Sportive Tournoi de Paris - 2004 Paris International Tournament

The Martial Arts weekend of seminars was hosted by Niji kan. It was held as part of the Paris Tournament which had 12 sports with 1300 competitors from 16 countries. The Martial Arts seminars attracted color and black belts representing Aikido, Juijitsu, Karate do and Kung Fu.

The Black Belt teachers were Oliver Wehlmann, Alain Nottelet, Christian Lemesle, Teresa Galetti and Kathleen Webster.

Niji Kan

Pink Power London 2005

London 2005
Hosted by Ishigaki Jujitsu
Video posted on Facebook by Angus Swan

watch the video


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Pink Power London 2005
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