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The IAGLMA Rules

To further our goals of inclusion for all martial artists, IAGLMA has revised international, standard semi-contact multi-style tournament competition rules to ensure gender parity and the inclusion of those with special needs in form, sparring and judging - unheard of until the Gay Games. The IAGLMA Rules promote inclusion and emphasize safety, fairness, professionalism and the attainment of one's personal best.

To date, the IAGLMA Rules have governed the martial arts events at:

- Gay Games IV New York, NY, USA 1994;
- EuroGames IV Berlin, Germany 1996;
- IAGLMA's Get Ready for Gay Games V International Multi-Style Martial Arts Tournament and Martial Arts and Self Defense Seminars Philadelphia, PA, USA May 1997;
- Gay Games V Amsterdam, The Netherlands August 1998;
- Gay Games VI Sydney, Australia 2002;
- Euro Games Munich 2004;
- Get Ready for Gay Games VII Tournament London, UK 2005;
- Gay Games VII Chicago, USA 2006;
- Tournoi International de Paris 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009;
- Training tournaments and events in
Sydney, Australia;
San Francisco, CA, USA;
Munich, Germany;
Paris, France.

and will govern the martial arts events for:
Gay Games VIII Cologne, Germany

IAGLMA competition rules

IAGLMA Self Defence competition

The attached file lists the IAGLMA rules. An explanation of the format of the Self Defence competition is listed here.

Self Defence Attacks for the Self Defence Competition

Beginners are required to demonstrate their defence to the attacks in Set 1 only.
Intermediate and advanced students are required to demonstrate their defence to the attacks in Set 1 and Set 2.
Black Belts are required to demonstrate their defence to the attacks in Set 1, 2 and 3.

Set 1

1.1 Straight punch to the face
1.2 Grab on the wrist from behind
1.3 Knife attack from the front

Set 2

2.1 Club/escrima attack from the front
2.2 Kick to groin
2.3 Defender supine, attacker on their knees between the defenders legs and attempting to strangle the defender (rape position)

Set 3

3.1 Defender seated on a chair, the attacker attempts a punch to the face
3.2 Gun to the head from the front
3.3 Defence against two attackers, attacks are optional, but must be simultaneous

If necessary, the attacks may be modified for disabled competitors. For example, 2.2 could be modified by a competitor in a wheel chair to be a kick to the face. Also the 2.3 attack position may be varied depending on the nature of the disability.

Guide to Competitors and Judges
- Competitors and attackers have the flexibility to prepare their specific attacks from the general descriptions. For example, 1.3 could be interpreted as an overhead attack to the head or a horizontal slash to the body
- If the attack falls outside the description above the judges will score the technique on its merits and then deduct 1 mark. For example if the attacks in 3.3 are clearly not simultaneous

IAGLMA competition rules


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